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More Solar Powered Adventures are Waiting for You

There’s so much to experience in Las Vegas, especially when you look off the beaten path. Beyond the glitz and glam of the strip is a wild and wonderful natural beauty waiting for you to explore, and our electric bikes and self-guided adventures give you the perfect eco-friendly way to make the most of it. In fact, charging our batteries bikes with clean solar energy saves 950 kilograms of CO2. Yes, all our batteries are charged by solar energy.


Making the most of our Las Vegas sun

In Las Vegas, the sun isn’t just for getting a great tan by the pool. It’s also a clean and renewable source of energy for our E-bikes, ready to capture the sun’s rays and power your next great adventure. Reducing our carbon footprint is especially important to us because if we don’t protect our environment, we won’t have anything nice to bike through! The scenery of Nevada is unrivaled, and we are proud to offer environmentally conscious bike tours powered by clean solar.

Eco-tourism is growing for a reason. Many of today’s travelers are looking not just to get away and indulge in new experiences, but also to leave the places they visit the same or better than they were found. From zero-waste backpacking to eco-friendly lodging, our electric bicycle batteries charged by solar are the perfect addition to your sustainable explorations.


Reliable adventure power

We know your zest for exploration knows no bounds, so our solar bikes are always ready to go as far as you need. While you’re pedaling your way through the desert wilderness, we’re charging another identical set of batteries so we’re always ready to ride. At full capacity, we can charge 35 e-bike battery packs in just two-and-a-half hours during the day, when the sun is brightest.


Driving a brighter future

E-bikes aren’t the only mode of exploration and transportation getting a solar boost shortly. We are aiming to get an electric vehicle to transport our customers by end of next year.


Let’s ride! See how you can add solar-powered adventures to your itinerary and explore the beauty of the Las Vegas trails with our renewable, reliable e-bikes.​

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