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Frequently asked questions

  • Is it too hot to ride in the middle of summer?
    Since the ride starts at 8 am, It is 10-15 degrees cooler than the hottest time of the day. Also because of the elevation at Red Rock, it is also 10 degrees cooler than on the strip. Therefore, If it is forecasted to be an 115-degree day, you will only be looking at 95-100 degree weather during the ride, with the wind at the speed which you will be traveling on the E-bike, this should be no problem. We also provide water for extra comfort.
  • Is it difficult to find my way ?
    We will give you very precise instructions on where to go. We also provide a mini-map of the location and the address you can enter in your GPS if you get lost which is unlikely.
  • Where can I go with the E-bike ?
    You can visit Summerlin in Las Vegas, going to Blue Diamond or to the Red Rock Canyon if you want to.
  • How difficult is it to ride an E-bike?
    As easy as a regular bicycle, If you are fit to ride a bike on flat roads, an E-bike is for you.
  • Can I bring my backpack?
    You are free to bring your backpack if your are comfortable carrying it for a 2.5 hour biking tour. If you need one we will provide you one.
  • What if the bike has a flat or stops working?
    The bikes we provide will be checked thoroughly before each ride. If you happen to have a flat, or ride over a nail/screw... We will come and replace the E-bike.
  • Is the Scenic Drive loop dangerous to ride a bicycle?
    There are many hikers, runners and cyclists on this road, although you will share the road with other cars and motorcycles. The speed limit is 15 MPH in some places and we highly recommend to ride on the right side of the road. Wearing the provided helmet is mandatory.
  • How can I rent an eBike for exploring Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas?
    To rent an Ebike for exploring Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, you can easily book through our website or contact us directly. We offer hotel pick-up, training, bike rental, and all the necessary equipment for an amazing adventure.
  • What is the duration of an eBike rental for exploring Red Rock Canyon?
    The duration of an Ebike rental for exploring Red Rock Canyon typically ranges from a 2 to 3 hours, allowing you to enjoy the scenic beauty at your own pace. Extended rental options may also be available for longer adventures if you choose the breakfast option at Blue Diamond.
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